Real-time Guidance for Users to Learn an Application as they work

GuideBuddy™ is an intelligent live guidance platform to deliver…

Intuitive In-App Training

Deliver step by step guides within apps to simplify learning experience and boost user productivity.

Process Guidance

Develop interactive product tours and effective onboarding task lists to guide users through tools and information needed to become a productive member of your organization.

Next Generation Support

Reduce support requests by providing contextual help and answers to their queries within the application itself.



Reduction in Application
Adoption Time*

*Based on GuideBuddy™ customer feedback


Build interactive step by step walkthroughs using GuideBuddy™ editor.

  • No Coding needed
  • Rich Text support


Define rules to segment your guides and target particular audience and deliver personalized experience.


Publish your guide for users to use through GuideBuddy™ Smart Help Widget.


GuideBuddy™ Provides analytics to measure the effectiveness of your guides and detail usage data. Analyze how users have been using particular features or guides.